Fun Learning Resources

These sites offer learning materials for children about fire safety and disaster preparedness.

Ready Kids - Be Prepared for Disasters

Ready Kids

Be a Hero – Games for Kids
Learn about Disasters & How to Prepare

Smokey for Kids

Smokey for Kids

Games for Kids & Learn how to Prevent Wildfires

Sparky the Fire Dog

Sparky the Fire Dog

Videos, Games Activities, Fire Trucks and Sparky Comics

Sparky the Fire Dog

Fire Safe Kid

Let’s Have Fun learning about Fire Safety! Grades K-6

Fire Safety Coloring Book

Welcome to our Kid’s Corner Coloring Book.

Below are coloring book pages you can download and color for fun. Click on any of the coloring pages, below to open and download them.

A Fire Hydrant is an important tool
Anyone can be a Firefighter!
Firefighter Ashleigh
Firefighter Bill
Firefighter Kevin
Firefighters are your friends
Firefighter and Kids
Group of Kids
Can you find the hazards?
We care about YOUR safety!