American Heart Association CPR and First Aid

Anyone can learn CPR – and everyone should! Sadly, 70 percent of Americans may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they either do not know how to administer CPR or their training has significantly lapsed. This alarming statistic could hit close to home, because home is exactly where 88 percent of cardiac arrests occur. Put very simply: The life you save with CPR is most likely to be someone you love.

Don’t be afraid; your actions can only help. If you see an unresponsive adult who is not breathing or not breathing normally, call 911 and push hard and fast on the center of the chest.

District 5 offers a free class every other month for both CPR and Basic First Aid.  We provide two options:

In-person -Classes are offered on April 27th and August 24th (approx 5.5 hours) 08:30 AM-02:00 PM.

Skills Challenge Class – Click the link below to access the online portion of the class. THIS WILL NEED TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE TAKING THE SKILLS CHALLENGE!  The Skills Challenge classes are offered on February 24th, June 22nd, October 26th, and December 21st. (approx 1hour) 08:30-09:30.


If you are interested in attending a class,  sign up at Station 51, contact us online, or call 360-793-1179.

Personalized classes are available for additional fees, contact Lieutenant Tim Tullis at 360-793-1179 ext. 5117

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Class Location

Station 51 – Headquarters
32905 Cascade View Drive
Sultan, WA 98294

Upcoming Classes:

  • Saturday, February 24, 2024
    • Skills Challenge  8:30-9:30
  • Saturday, April 27, 2024
    • In-person class 8:30 – 14:00
  • Saturday, June 22, 2024
    • Skills Challenge  8:30-9:30
  • Saturday, August 24, 2024
    • In-person class 8:30 -14:00
  • Saturday, October 26, 2024
    • Skills Challenge  8:30- 9:30
  • Saturday, December 21, 2024
    • Skills Challenge  8:30-9:30